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in between trips

October 22, 2009

I spent the summer of …ahhh.. .maybe 1969…after I returned from that first trip to Rock Springs, traveling around to various camp meetings with a friend from Tennessee.  Mitchi (VanZandt) Nordstrom and I just kind of put our heads together and whoof!  we had a campmeeting road trip planned. (Mitch, if you remember how we came up with our plan, let me know.)  Summer campmeetings more or less followed along in order so that if you wanted you could go to a string of them.  A few days after Newark campmeeting, came Moore, Oklahoma and a few days after Moore came Coffeyville Kansas.  We took my middle-aged Corvair and set out.  Each campmeeting lasted about ten days and we had a great time. 

Moore Oklahoma camp meeting was in ‘downtown’ Moore, a little suburb of Oklahoma city. The people were sweet and we met a lot of new family of God.  Coffeyville camp meeting was out in the country!  We took long walks along country roads between services in the afternoon.  When those were over we came back to Ohio. She went back to Knoxville and I went home to  get things together for moving to the mission.

(PS.  I just found the Moore, OK Church of God website!  What a blessing!  Go to: for all kinds of good stuff.  The newsletter is especially a good thing to read!)

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