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gingerbread houses, hogans and christmas

January 3, 2010

I’ve generally reserved this blog for memories and events of my life. But this kind of fits in here.

The traditioanl Navajo dwelling is a hogan. Even today some of the elders prefer this type of dwelling, but most people have frame houses. For most families though, tucked in somewhere there is a traditional hogan reserved for ceremonies or just for sentimental value. My sister-in-law has one that we got to stay in when I visited. They are very cozy houses.

My daughter in law has a tradition with my grandkids. They build a gingerbread house every year at Christmas. Even since they moved to Belen and the kids are older, they still continue the tradition. Of course, they make sure to send me pictures of their creations. They have built some really elaborate ones, but this year they simplified. When I got my picture this year it was a hogan! A gingerbread hogan! I’ve put a picture of it in here. Hogans have no windows; the traditional ones have only a door and a smoke hole. So there wasn’t much room for elaboration on theirs. They took a little bit of creative license with little rosettes and some curliques, but basically it is very traditional–other than the fact that it is made of gingerbread. This has to be the first gingerbread hogan in history!

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