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imposing a little order on chaos

January 23, 2010

In reviewing Chosen Highway, I’ve seen that it is rather jumbled and I decided that I need to re-arrange it so it is easier for the reader, if anyone reads besides me, to follow a sequence on My Highway. So far I’ve just written as things occur to me. I will continue to do that but I’m going to try and impose a certain order so that if anyone wants to they can find some semblance of life’s progression in the posts. Word Press utilizes a more complicated (for me) system of categories and labels and tags than my other blogger site for Tangled Highways. I’m still not sure I completely understand it but I’m going to give it a shot so you can follow the events in a more sequential order even though I post them as they come to mind.

I have tended to neglect blogging here because it seemed so disordered and when I posted something I was always confused with how it would appear. I don’t like a lot of side bars and so forth cluttering the screen when I read the blogs of others and I don’t want that in mine. But I need to have a few signposts along the way if anyone else is to be able to find anything and enjoy following the blogs. If I were confused about the set up and I didn’t enjoy posting here , I felt others would not enjoy the blogs either

SO. I’ve established a series of categories: Childhood-anything up to about 15 years old; Middle-hood – this is all from high school and through college; Teaching and Mission years– events after college through the time I worked on the mission; Married Life-logically the years Louie and I were together; Widowed Life-the first years after Louie died as I learned to raise our kids and survive without him; Working Years—those years when I returned to teaching and work life; and finally From Here on Out—the retirement years.

I will try to become more familiar with Word Press manipulation so I can fit anything I post into one of these categories. I’ll continue also with the tags and labels as we are already familiar with them. This way I can skip between the years in posting and yet anyone reading for fun or interest or whatever reason can find a semblance of sanity when they try to follow along. But still, if they want to find out about any particular thing they can click on a tag or label and find only the posts on that topic. I don’t make any fantastic promises. I am pretty well organized, but I find this system on Word Press more than a little chaotic and jumbled. Senseless is a pretty descriptive word. I’ll try to impose my own order so others can follow.

Now let’s see if I can get this posted so people can find it.

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