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the ‘bus shelter’

February 25, 2010

I searched through dozens of web pages to see if I could find a picture similar to our little bus shelter where we hid from the storm for a few minutes. This was the best I could do.

built like our shelter, but too big

Put a corrugated tin roof on this and make it about half this size and you have the tumble down shelter that kept the wind at bay while we wrapped up Joe’s hands and head in our scarves. Ours was probably no more than 8′ X 8′. and had only the open door, no window.

You used to be able to find these little buildings along the roads in the checker board area. When I first went there I was at a loss as for what exactly any one in their right mind would build such a small house, so close to the road without any windows or even a door that could be closed. Then someone told me they were built by local chapters to shelter the kids while they waited on the bus. I don’t know why they were abandoned. They were well built initially, but after years of neglect they did eventually fall down. I don’t think even the rocks from this one are there any more. Of course we are talking 30 years… Oh gracious–closer to 40! Wow.

Anyway, thanks to the person who took this picture and maybe it gives you an idea of our meager shelter from the storm.

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