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June 27, 2010

After Louie and I were married in Ohio we lived with Dad and Mom there until a few months after Notah was born, then we moved back to NM. Of course, we were excited to be moving back and we took my dogs along. What a gem my husband was. We moved west with a little boy and three dogs as well as our clothes and other stuff piled in a Blazer! I still can’t believe he did that!

Anyway, each morning on the trip we would get up and I would take the dogs for a quick walk. We never had a problem with them. For outdoor desert dogs they were naturally house trained. They thought it was only right and proper to use the potty on grass or sand-never any place else! What good dogs.

When we came back in, Louie would be up and dressed and usually have Notah dressed too. I’d feed Notah his cereal and fix his bottles for the day. We would have some coffee from our little plug in coffee pot and we would have some cereal too. While Louie packed the Blazer I would take the dogs for a final quick walk. That held for most of the day’s travel.

I remember one morning just as we left Texas and came into New Mexico the land changed from the open plains-like features of Texas to the rocks and sand and sage of the desert. We had stayed at a little motel on a ridge it seemed to be the last stop before we dropped down to the desert.

The dogs and I walked down the strip of motel rooms—just like six or eight rooms. It was just after daybreak and no one was up but us. We left the motel behind and walked on out on the ridge. As we crested the little hill the breeze blowing from the west hit us gently in the face. John-dog, who usually walked politely beside me, pulled his leash out in front and lifted his head to inhale the fragrance of the desert. He didn’t strain or tug or make it hard for me to hold him. He just pulled out tautly to the end of the leash and reveled in being back in the desert. I knew just how he felt.

There is no fragrance in the world as sweet as the desert!

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