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wrapped in His Greatness

November 13, 2010

I have just been listening to Dóólá Dó’ ShiDiyin Da.   I am struck by the one verse,  “How great is my God.  Greatness He is wrapped in it.”    Can you envision the eternal Father God in the infiniteness of eternity?

Navajo women, and even men, who cling to the old ways still wear a blanket sometimes today.   They simply wrap it around their shoulders.  It envelops them almost completely–a lot of times from the base of their head to below their knees.  And if they are sitting it comes down around them to the ground.  If they are sitting properly on the ground it is like a big cone with the head at the top and no other body parts showing.  I have this vision of God wrapped in a blanket like that.  His greatness is so all enveloping.

And the Navajo grandmothers and grandfathers could just take a young child in their lap and the baby disappears almost within the folds of that blanket and the warm security of the grandparent’s body.  Parents can do the same thing but they more often wear modern clothes. 

But here is my point.  Think of God, taking us into His Lap and enveloping us, wrapping us, in that same greatness.  Why should we worry?  Why should the things of life land on us so heavily?  Those big Navajo blankets are finely woven and heavy.  Rain and snow don’t soak in very easily. It just rolls or blows off.   God’s greatness is like that.  The storms of life just roll right off of it  if we will stay within his enfolding arms. 

How Great is My God!  He has  protected me right there in His Lap so very many times.  And now I’m such a coward.  I just run and jump right in there when I see a hard storm coming up!


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