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over the river

November 16, 2010

On Tangled Highways I was writing about the song from when we were kids,  ‘Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go . . .

 Over the river and through the woods    To Grandmother’s house we go   The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh    Through white and drifted snow

Over the river and through the woods   Oh how the wind does blow   It stings the toes and bites the nose    As over the ground we go.

Over the river and through the woods   And through the barnyard gate  We seem to go extremely slow   It is so hard to wait

Over the river and through the woods  Now Grandmother’s cap I spy Hooray for the fun
Is the pudding done?  Hooray for the pumpkin pie  Hooray for the fun  Is the pudding done?  Hooray for the pumpkin pie

 The website I got these lyrics from said it was a Christmas song, but I always remember singing it before Thanksgiving and straight on through till Christmas.

 They made me remember my brother’s horse, Nancy.  She was a pretty little bay Hamiltonian mare that would almost stand on her head if she was asked to do it.  Somewhere, in an auction probably, my dad bought a real honest-to- goodness sleigh.  It wasn’t a glorified sled, but a real sleigh, like a small version of Santa’s.  One day, more than one day if I remember right,  he hitched Nancy to that sleigh and we took rides around the neighborhood.  Even Mom got bundled up and came out.   I wonder where those pictures are… I think I gave them all to Buster…   

 Dad always did things like that.  Years later when I had Sniffles, he bought a little pony cart and harness for him.   Sniffles thought he was really hot stuff hitched to that pony cart.  One year Grandpa and Notah took Sniffles and his cart to the Memorial Day Parade in Sugarcreek.   He had crepe ribbons in his mane and everything!  He certainly strutted his stuff up the street in Sugarcreek.

 Another year, I used him in theSugarcreek Christmas Parade for the day care.  We put his jingle bells bellyband  on him and attached a long ribbon (about 20 feet or so ) to each side.  I made him a red Santa blanket with white trim.  He had a fancy halter, too.   Jodi led him down Sugarcreek’s Main Street with the children walking behind holding on to the long ribbons and Kati and Luci walking ahead holding a banner that said  Merry Christmas from United Day Care.  Sniffles walked along nicely but  felt compelled to take a few prancy steps every now and then to show off.   Halfway through the parade he caught wind of the Amish mares hitched over behind the Swiss Hat.  He had to stop and toss his head in the air and let them know HE was in town.  ( He was a little stud pony and thought he was just as big and important and any prize Arabian!)

 We won a prize for that entry!  Of course, when you have 30 local preschool kids, every one of them as cute as a button, dressed in toboggans and matching mittens, related in some way to every judge in on the podium, you just can’t help but win a prize!

Wonder what ever happened to that trophy.

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