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mission runaways and Louie

January 17, 2011

Well, the New Year has come and we have progressed to almost the end of January.  Isn’t that amazing?  The years flip past, don’t they?

 I’ve been thinking about Louie this morning.  Who in the world would have ever imagined that Vondi, from New Philadelphia, would marry a Navajo!  An Indian, for Pete’s sake!  The thing is that my marriage was a direct result of following the Lord.

I remember once in a post graduate class at Kent State University we were discussing alternative school situations.  I was telling them about my two room school on the mission and about the kids.  I recounted one time when two of our kids decided to run away.  There was really no reason for them to take off.  We were good to the kids in boarding school and treated them almost like our own—well, Linda and I didn’t have any kids, but we loved those anyway.

 What were the kids’ names?  I can see their faces but can’t hook a name to them.  It was just past lunch time.  The school children had eaten and gone to the playground.  This time of day sister Aneza and Sue were watching them until I rang the school bell for afternoon class to begin.  Just as I stepped out to ring the bell two Navajo men from the community rode into the school yard on horses.   They stopped in front of the school and the one ducked his head to look at me under the porch roof.

 “Hey, Vondi!  Are you missing a couple kids?  We just saw two kids ducking around behind the sage brush down by the chapter house.” 

 I rang the bell and did a head count.  Sure enough, a brother and sister were missing.  The two men on horses said they would go and keep tabs on the kids until someone could go after them.

I can’t remember now if I went running after them or if McCormick took the truck and picked them up.

I told this story in my class and everyone thought it was so exciting.  Just a few minutes later we took a break for water or coke and bathroom.  As I walked into the restroom several women were gathered around talking about my story. One of them came to ask me questions about teaching on the mission and the kids and so forth.  She was going on and on about how wonderful that would be and how did I get there and so forth.

To make the story more exciting, I grinned at her and said, ‘You want to hear something even better?  That guy who rode in with his brother on the horses—Five years later we were married.”  She nearly had a romantic heart attack!

That was my Louie. I love him still.

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