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God plans ahead

June 27, 2011

When Louie died, Notah was not quite five yet and Rachael was two. I felt it was really important for them to see their Grandma Howe as much as they could. She spoke very little English and there was no way she could really know her grandkids except by having them there. I also felt it was important for them to keep ties to their cultural background and family in Rock Springs.

When Louie died I had gotten a sizeable insurance settlement—much larger than I expected. I thought I would only get $5000, enough to bury him and a little more. Instead I got $25,000 plus several months of interest. A few days after Louie’s death, I talked with our insurance representative. He had handled dad’s insurance for years and was almost a family friend. He said that the insurance company was ‘investigating’ the claim and that he didn’t have the full amount for me now, but he did have a check. I was praying, “Lord, just give me enough to pay his funeral expenses.”

Chuck was apologizing, “I’m sorry I don’t have the whole thing for you. I don’t know what their problem is….” And I’m praying, “Please, Lord, just give me enough to pay his funeral expenses.” Then Chuck said, “All I have here is a check for $8000. I’m really sorry. You should have another $16,000.” And I was jumping up and down thanking the Lord for that!

At any rate, for all their stalling around, Prudential had to give me an additional four or five thousand in interest when I finally got the rest of my benefit check. (Chuck was kind of gloating.) I had enough even after funeral expenses to put $25,000 in the bank. I had a certificate of deposit that gave me $2,500 plus or minus for the next ten or 12 years so I could take the kids to see their Grandma without worrying how to finance the trip.

Now isn’t it fantastic how the Lord works things out. Why Prudential had to ‘investigate’ I’ll never know. Our premiums were paid on time. Louie had certainly died. He hadn’t committed suicide. It was certainly a ‘premature’ death; that is why I got the $25,000 instead of the $5000 I was expecting. If he died before a certain age it was considered ‘premature.’ When we bought the insurance policy we had no foreknowledge that I would ever need it to keep Notah and Rachael connected with their Navajo grandma. We didn’t expect even that Louie would die. We got it more as a ‘savings’ for future security. Instead the Lord had other plans for it!

I can never stop being amazed at how God brings about his will by planning years and years in advance.

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