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November 30, 2012

After I wrote about sleeping on the flat bed truck I remembered another incident connected with that time.

We slept there all night and I don’t think I woke up at all. Louie may have wakened up and looked around a couple time. He was like that. The man could wake up any time, but he would fall back to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I could never go to sleep that quickly.

We were up as the sun rose the next morning, rested and cozy. It was really nippy to get up so we lay there for a few minutes, hesitant to expose any part of our anatomy to the chill. In the desert you can be roasting during the day, but nights get uncomfortably cold. If you are sleeping without a fire, a couple blankets are more than handy.

We finally got up and started our day, going about the normal routines of starting a fire, making coffee. Of course, pretty soon Notah was standing in his crib yelling to get out so he had to be changed and dressed. Then Louie carried the mattress back in. I left it until he had gone to work to make the bed. The day went on as usual.

When Louie came home that evening, he was telling about a UFO sighting that was being reported all over the Gallup-Window Rock area. Everyone at Gamerco had been talking about it. Depending on where he was the person who saw it had seen either a bright red light or a ‘saucer-shape’ with a red light on top.

Over supper when we got together at Mom’s house, two of the boys and I don’t remember which two were telling us how they had been coming home late the night before and saw the same red light moving across the western sky slanting down from south to north.

And I’d slept through the whole thing. RATS!

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