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Back to the Desert

May 28, 2015

After almost 40 years I’m back in my desert. It isn’t Gallup, but Belen is close enough. For most of their married life Rachael and Michael have had the goal of moving to the desert. This month it is finally happening.

Notah transported me and my belongings and Maggie as well as Cole. Rachael’s cat, The General, my bearded dragon, and Turdley, Rachael’s turtle. And we made the trip in three days leaving Rachael and Michael’s house at nine-thirty Friday morning and arriving at Notah’s house about one or two o’clock on Sunday

The house I’m supposed to live in isn’t quite ready yet so I’m at Notah and Kerra’s.

Today is the first real ‘summer’ day I’ve seen since I’ve been here. I sat outside with Maggie and Sayde while they inspected the courtyard. The sun is shining down from a clear blue sky. The heat is familiar, baking and all pervasive. There is barely a breeze moving the leaves of the desert locust trees in their yard but from somewhere far off I catch random whiffs–the faint fragrance of tamarisk trees. They are an invasive species introduced as ornamentals in the late 1800’s. They are pretty and their fragrance in bloom is heavenly.

Ranchers and farmers call them salt cedar and dig them out as often as possible. I love smelling them though. I wish I could figure out some way to grow them without having them take over every bit of underground water and leave a deposit of salts.

Maggie was confused over the bare ground and spotty vegetation. She always used grass as her potty and wasn’t sure she should pee on plain old dirt. Now she has figured it out. She’s back to her old ways of trotting out and finding a perfect spot. Once that is accomplished she explores. Jack is the occupant of the courtyard. He has his goodies buried all around and he’s very protective if them.   If Maggie gets too close he hustles after her.

I enjoy sitting out there watching them.

Summer time in the desert.   A great place to be.

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